Installing VMware Tools in Fedora Core 5

. Install software needed by VMware Tools

  1. Install packages to build the kernel modules
    yum install gcc kernel-devel
  2. Check the running kernel matches the kernel headers
    uname -r             # running kernel
    rpm -q kernel-devel  # installed kernel headers
  3. If the two versions do not match, run
    yum -y upgrade kernel kernel-devel
  4. Find out where the kernel headers are (you may need this later)
    ls -d /usr/src/kernels/$(uname -r)*/include

2. Prepare VMware Tools

Choose one of a), b), c) or d).

a) If you are running the VM inside VMware Workstation 5.5

b) If you have VMware-workstation-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz on disk

c) If you have VMwareTools-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz on disk

d) If you cannot do any of these

3. Install VMware Tools

Note: Version 5.5.1 of VMware Tools requires a patch, shown below. If you are using a later version of VMware Tools, this is not be required. Try running /usr/bin/ first without the patch, and only if it fails follow this section.

  1. Backup your existing file
    cp /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/
  2. Patch the file (see note above)
    cd /tmp/
    tar zxvf vmware-tools-any-update2.tar.gz
    cd vmware-tools-any-update2/
  3. When asked Do you want to run, answer “Yes”.

4. Fixes

a) Your mouse is stuck inside your VM