Some VMware images


VMware lets you run another computer in your computer. Try out another operating system, test a different platform, preview a new distro. Hopefully this page of VMware images, or “Virtual Appliances” is useful.


These images will work in:

How to use these images

  1. Get the free VMware Player (or VMware Server, ESX 3, or VMware Workstation)
  2. Download the image you want to use (see the list below)
  3. Unzip it
  4. Load the image in VMware

How these images were created

All of these VMware images are straight installs of the distribution, with all the default options chosen. This means you will be using and American English with an American keyboard. No tinkering was done – this means that no security updates have been applied – so be careful! See the 1 minute HOWTO guide for instructions on changing the language and keyboard, and on applying security updates.
There is also a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create your own VMware image using VMware Workstation.

Download the images

The torrent downloads here are much, much faster than your net connection. If you want the image quickly, definitely use the torrent.

  1. Get a BitTorrent downloader, like uTorrent (free!)
  2. Click one of the fast torrent download! links below
  3. There will be a short pause before, and then your high speed download will begin

More images

Some off-site VMware images:


These mainly VMware links are good:

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